How to Choose the Best SmartPhones to Buy

The internet is the best place to check out the pros and cons of any phone. Before you give into the temptation of the superficial looks and buy an expensive phones look into sites for live reviews go in to check an online based phone store which usually has its customer reviews where customers genuinely admit the positive and negative sides of phone and this can help you choose the best smart phone.


Here are some points that should help you choose the best smart phones:

Budget: Always keep in mind that you need to draw a line. If you have a particular price band and can’t go beyond it, do not force yourself. Again, brand fans who love a particular model will not go by my advice, so for the others I’d suggest that you don’t overspend. You will notice that you use no phone for over 4 or 5 years. For those who think the EMI options are a gateway to their dream phones, splurge into your device only if you are sure it is worth it. Don’t blindly go by a certain belief. You can as well choose from the cheap smart phones that are available from brands like Lava, Karbonn, Intex and so on.

Operating system: Choosing your operating system will cut down on most of your confusion. Choose android or iOS or if you prefer blackberry OS or Symbian/ovi (Nokia),it is up to you. The operating system depends on much of your needs and you can choose this depending on your age group too. While apple gives you a wide range of apps and the iOS is perfect for the younger generation, it has its own setback. Android has a growing market and is highly preferable since your phone can be updated to the next versions immediately. Symbian and blackberry is more for those with business requirements.

Specs: One often forgets to check the specs of a device. Don’t go by the outer look. The processor, speed and resolution usually help you decide better. You surely don’t want to see your handset with hangs every now and again. Your specs requirement will cut down few more devices, narrowing down your options to a few so it becomes easier for you to choose. Check the display quality, screen colour, contrast levels, brightness levels, viewing angles, photo/camera, audio quality and GPS, general web surfing experience, Wi Fi and 3G network connections and battery life. Do not compromise with the specs just because of the exteriors. Storage space, built in apps, memory card facilities, camera resolutions are some to look out for. You can ask well check for various sites about the Smart Phone Reviews.

Note: Android has the best specs and a larger platform as compared to iOS windows or blackberry so you might look out.

Battery life: Everybody wants a phone with a longer battery life, some more than A phone with poor battery life will cut down the advantage of everything it has. Never compromise on the battery life for certain special features or exterior look or a cheaper price.

You will have to compromise on a little because no phone is perfect but this guide might just help you figure out on what basis you can finally decide on your dream phone or decent phone in your budget. There are a number of brands which come up with New Smart Phones every quarter. The Latest Smart Phones from brands are Moto X Force, The Micromax A316, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, One Plus 2, LG G4, LG Nexus 5X and Apple iphone 6.